Roto Pat Provides Myrtle Beach Water Damage Restoration Services

Our floors handle a lot. On a daily basis we trample unknown amounts of filth and germs onto them, all while they gracefully handle the dog hair, the spilled juice, and the upended bowl of spaghetti. There comes a point when they simply need to be refreshed and Roto Pat are the ones for that restoration job. Muck, odors, and stains be gone with the expert removal techniques of this team. Roto Pat is also your local water damage professional. No matter what life throws at your carpets (literally), never fear! Roto Pat is here.

Water Damage Restoration Services In Myrtle Beach

Living in our part of the world opens your home up to possible water damage from hurricanes and flooding, but no matter where you live, the burst pipe can strike. From time to time, everyone deals with overflowing washers, backed up dishwashers, plugged drains and whoever forgot the bath was running. Water damage happens, and when it does, you'll want Roto Pat just a phone call away. Our professional techniques are so efficient; we like to say we get your carpets drier than your momma's meatloaf. Now, that's dry! We will clean and sanitize your carpets to ensure no mold, mildew, odors or bacteria are left, and sometimes our work can even save your padding (we'll let you know if we can).

Fire Damage Restoration In Myrtle Beach

It isn't just flooding that can wreak havoc on your carpets. If you experience a fire, your home will likely suffer from extensive water damage. If your carpets are salvageable at all, we are the ones to do it. If it's time to rip them out and start anew (fire and smoke are, after all, incredibly destructive), we can remove it and lay you a new one. Healthy, clean, sanitized carpets are the goal, and we will reach it one way or another.

We are renowned in the area for our fast and efficient service. Some companies will take advantage of your bad situation and overcharge you for lackluster work. That's not our game. We are reliable, trustworthy, and we get the job done right and on budget. Trust your fellow Myrtle Beach residents and call Roto Pat on (843) 602-4950 for all of your water damage and restoration needs.