Expert Myrtle Beach Water Damage Restoration | Roto Pat

Regardless of what happens in your home, your carpets take it lying down. When life happens and the dog has an accident, you spill a glass of wine, or someone walks through with muddy feet, your carpets are left with stains, dirt, and odors. After your carpets are soiled or you have experienced water damage, you need a professional touch to undo the damage. When your carpet needs refreshing, the carpet cleaners and water restoration professionals in Myrtle Beach will make your dirty carpet a thing of the past, restore its appearance, and remove odors.

Professional Water Damage Professionals In Myrtle Beach

Roto Pat, just a phone call away for routine residential and commercial carpet cleaning, is also a specialist at managing water damage from hurricanes, backed up pipes, overflowing washers, and other mishaps.

No matter how wet you carpet becomes, we can dry it out and sanitize it again so that it is once again safe for your babies to crawl on or for you to walk on in bare feet. We get it so dry that we like to say we can get your carpets drier than your momma's meatloaf. Momma might strive to have a nice, juicy meatloaf, but moisture in carpets can lead to dangerous mildew, mold, bacteria, and odors if not properly dried and cleaned after soaking. Roto Pat can achieve the desired dryness and even advise you if your padding or the carpet cannot be salvaged.

Water Damage Services After Water Damage Or Fire

When cleaning up after floods or fires, Roto Pat brings both the knowledge and the specialized machines needed to do a thorough drying and cleaning job. The goal is to get it free of moisture, dirt, and germs, but if the damage is too bad for total restoration, we can remove the old carpet and install fresh, new replacement carpet.

Well known in the area as reliable carpet professionals, Roto Pat is a company you can depend on. Unlike companies that happen to show up after trouble occurs and offer you shoddy work in return for your money, we are proud to be long-term Myrtle Beach residents who will do the job right.
For service when you need it, call us today at (843) 602-4950.