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When life happens, your carpets take it lying down. Muddy feet, a spilled glass of wine, a pet accident, leave your carpets dirty, stained, and smelly. Since you walk on the same space in your bare feet and let your kids crawl around there, it's important to have water damage professionals in the area that can reverse the damage that people, animals, and random life events can do to your carpet. Roto Pat, experienced water restoration professionals in Myrtle Beach, will come out when you call and get your dirty carpeting looking and smelling clean again.

Expert Water Damage Professionals In Myrtle Beach

While we do residential and commercial cleaning for routine messes on a daily basis, we are also specialists in handling all kinds of water damage that can occur from anything from daily mishaps to a severe hurricane.

Even if your carpet has been soaked, we can dry it out and sanitize it. That's where our slogan comes in, where we say that we can get your carpets drier than your momma's meatloaf. While you might prefer a juicy meatloaf, your carpet can develop mold, mildew, and nasty odors if it becomes water logged and is not properly cleaned. The same thing can happen on walls, upholstered furniture, and other fibrous surfaces. For carpets and other household durables, dryness is a good thing.

Water Damage Services after Water Damage or Fire

As damage control specialists after floods and fires, Roto Pat has the machinery and the knowledge to get everything clean, bone dry, and odor free. Just let us at your carpet, and we will do a thorough job restoring it. If the damage is so bad that we cannot restore it to a safe condition, we can remove and replace the carpet for you.

When you deal with Roto Pat, even after a disaster, you can be sure that we will do the job right. Unlike some companies that appear on the scene after trouble occurs and take your money for a subpar job, we are well-known in the area and take pride in our work.

Roto Pat is the Myrtle Beach cleaning company you can depend on.
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